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Seeds to Sow in May

May is one of the highpoints in the gardening year: spring profusion is at its peak and everywhere plants are in full, lush growth.

Seeds to Sow in June

June brings with it the longest days of the year, meaning the most sunlight available for your growing plants, and helping newly sown seeds germinate!

Seeds to Sow in July

July brings with it warm days, plenty of sunlight and ideal seed germinating conditions! The longer days are fantastic for speeding up germination.

pink sweet pea flower

How to Grow Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are one of the easiest and most rewarding flowers to grow, reaching for the sky and producing masses of blooms throughout the summer!

How to Grow Sunflowers

From towering yellow giant sunflowers, to masses of orange, red and gold flowers, sunflowers are well loved by all!

cosmos flower

How to Grow Cosmos

With so many beautiful cosmos varieties available, these are a brilliant annual to grow in your garden to add a burst of fantastic colour!

What does F1 mean?

Often seen on seed packets but rarely understood. F1 is a phrase all gardeners should be aware of when choosing their seeds to grow.

What is an Annual?

Seeds sown fresh each year as known as annuals. Examples include sweet peas, cosmos and marigolds. Learn more about this exciting type of seed!

perennial flowers in borders

What is a Perennial?

Perennials are so important to build the structure of a garden or border, providing flowers year after year. Find out which seeds are perennial here...

Our Story

Our Story

Which flowers will you grow next?

The Joy of Growing from Seed

Sowing seeds is one of the great pleasures of gardening. Raising plants from scratch and watching your seedlings fulfil their potential is an efficient and cost-effective way to grow.

You can grow many garden plants, including a wide range of beautiful flowers, as well as many of your favourite vegetables from seed, and it's much easier than you may think!

Read our Top Tips for Growing from Seed to learn more.

handfuls of tomatoes

The next Generation of Little Growers

Helping children to grow green fingers can kindle a hobby that lasts a lifetime. In a world that’s dominated by smartphones and computer screens, gardening holds the key to sparking an interest in the natural world and caring for nature. For youngsters, there’s no activity as fascinating as sowing a seed, waiting eagerly for it to spring into life, and then nurturing it into a flowering plant or home-grown feast.

Growing flowers and veg from seed is a healthy hobby, too, as it encourages kids to venture out into the great outdoors, get their fingers dirty, learn about wildlife, witness the joys of the turning seasons, and take an interest in healthy eating. You can read on about how to sow seeds with children here.

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