Unwins Gardeners' Seed Box


The perfect gift for gardeners, the Unwins Gardeners' Seed Box is ideal for safely storing and organising all your seeds and sowing essentials. Combining functionality and usability, this box has been designed by gardeners, for gardeners, to ensure it is as usable as it is beautiful.




Crafted especially for Unwins, this handmade, high quality, FSC-approved wooden box also contains seeds, twine, notepad, and plant labels, to provide gardeners with all they need to get started with growing from seed.




Seeds included:


Fantastic Flavour
Product Highlights
Combining functionality and usability with beautiful design and wooden build.
Contains seeds, twine, notepad, and plant labels.
The Unwins Gardeners’ Box is the perfect gift for a gardener
Product Specification:
SKU: 32020150
Tips & Advice:
Bee & Butterfly Mixed Annuals
A mix of hardy annuals. These cottage garden favourites are rich in nectar and provide long-lasting summer colour to attract a range of pollinators into your garden. Sow: February-June Flowers: May-September
Sunflower Giant Single
Grows up to 4m tall and great for children! Not just tall, this is a giant sunflower in every sense, with flowers up to 40cm in diameter. Despite the size, it's quick to grow and has sturdy stems. Sow: March-May Flowers: July-October
Beetroot Boltardy
Tender and flavoursome, this is a bolt-resistant variety, ideal for early sowing. This popular, reliable variety produces a good crop of sweet, deep-red roots. Sow: March-July Harvest: July-October
Carrot Early Scarlet Horn
An early harvest variety producing short stump rooted crops. Perfect for growing in containers or pots. Sow: February-June Harvest: May-September
Pea (Early) Kelvedon Wonder
Early-harvesting, long-cropping early peas that are high in protein. Very good for summer sowing to produce a later crop, Kelvedon Wonder yields well filled, dark green pointed pods of outstanding flavour. Sow: March-June Harvest: June-October

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