what are organic seeds

What are organic seeds?

Organic vegetables have been available in supermarkets for many years now, but you may not know that organic seeds are also available! 


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What does organic mean?

Organic guarantees sustainability from start to finish, without the use of any artificial chemicals. Rather than relying on man-made fertilisers and pesticides, organic products are more environmentally positive and use natural methods such as manures and crop rotation.

How are our seeds organic?

Our seeds are organically produced because the parent plants, where the seed was harvested from, have been sown, grown, and maintained in an organic, chemical-free, way. Simply put, organic seeds are harvested from organic plants!

How can we ensure our seeds are organic?

All of our organic seed is certified and guaranteed by the Soil Association, to ensure that it is grown in an environmentally-aware way!


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Which Unwins products are organic?

We have an entire range of organic seeds. You can see the full range here

From delicious Cherry Tomato Monterrey F1, to classic Organic Thyme, to RHS Award of Garden Merit winners such as Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia, there are many different choices for gardeners looking for organic seeds to grow in their gardens. 

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What are the benefits of organic seeds for gardeners and the environment?

One of the most important benefits of organic seeds are how beneficial they are for the environment! As the seeds have been produced in an organic way, they will have had no chemicals applied during the growing process. Growing in an organic way is also beneficial for biodiversity, helping insects and improving soil. When you choose to buy organic seeds, you can rest assured that the seeds have had a positive impact on the environment before reaching your garden!


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If gardeners choose to grow organic seeds in an organic manner, then the whole journey of the seed and the crops produced will have been organic - and who doesn't want that!