Unwins Homegrown Salad Kitchen Garden Kit


Unwins Homegrown Salad Kitchen Garden Kit will make a perfect addition to your kitchen, providing a delicious variety of salad leaves and a beautiful addition to your windowsill.




Ideal for a cut and come again approach to salads, these specially chosen lettuce varieties can be cut and will continue to grow. Perfect for any windowsill, it also makes a great gift.




The set includes all the seeds as well as a planter, compost and pots needed to get growing.


  • Grow fresh salad on your windowsill

  • Includes seeds, compost, decorative planter and plant pots

  • Suitable for all year round growing

Product Highlights
Fresh and tasty salad
Ideal for kitchen windowsills
Grow all year round
Product Specification:
SKU: 32020113
Tips & Advice:
3 Steps to Success
1. Sow seeds and place on windowsill 2. Water regularly 3. Cut & add to your favourite dishes
Seeds Included in Your Kit
Spinach - Mild sweet taste Mizuna - Mild peppery and sweet flavour Rocket - Mustard flavour and peppery bite Lettuce - Buttery texture and nutty flavour
How To Grow
1. Break up and lumps in the compost and loose fill each pot to the top. Shake level. Firm gently with the base of another pot. Water well and leave to drain for 30 minutes. 2. Sprinkle a few seeds (10-20) of a salad into each pot lightly covering with 1/2cm of compost. 3. Place each pot into the wooden trough and place trough in a sealed plastic clear food bag or cover surface with cling film. This keep the humidity up and you should not need to water again until germinated. 4. Place the trough on a warm household windowsill or another warm well lit surface. Periodically check compost is moist, and water as required. 5. Allow approx. 2 weeks for germination. Once seeds begin to grow, remove plastic bag and keep warm (10-20C) and moist but not saturated.
How To Enjoy
1. Once the plant has 5-6 leaves, you can begin to pick or snip off leaves as required. 2. Spick or snip salad leaves with scissors, allowing leaves to regrow from the main stem, giving you a continuous supply over a long period of time. 3. Remember to keep your plants watered and soil moist. 4. Spare seeds can be kept cool and dry, and planted in pots or sown in the garden from April to September.

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