Unwins Homegrown Microgreen Growing Kit


Unwins Homegrown Microgreen Growing Kit is the perfect bundle for growing 3 beautiful microgreen varieties.




These microgreens are ideal for growing in small spaces, such as a windowsill, making a perfect addition to the kitchen.




  • 3 microgreen varieties included: Rocket, Basil Dark Opel & Coriander

  • Simple and easy to grow

  • Contains everything you need to grow vitamin boosting microgreens

  • Fully recyclable packaging

  • Great for cooking, adding flavour and also nutrients

Product Highlights
Recyclable Growing Tray
Compostable Growing Mats
Microgreen Seeds
Product Specification:
SKU: 32020133
Tips & Advice:
How to Use
1. Remove the tray lid. Soak the seed mat and sprinkle the seeds on top. 2. Replace the lid. Place on a warm windowsill and allow 2-3 days while the seeds germinate. 3. Once germinated, remove the lid and keep the seed mat moist. 4. Harvest the young shoots (not the seed) with scissors when they take form and are around 1-2 inches tall. 5. Rinse and add to your favourite recipes for flavour and vitamins.
Unwins Top Tips
- Each variety grows a little differently, experiment by harvesting at different stages. - Trim microgreens at the base, this will encourage regrowth. - Microgreens are resilient, but make sure not to let them dry out.
Have you tried?
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