Unwins Homegrown Chilli Growing Kit


This Homegrown Chilli Growing Kit is perfect for your kitchen windowsill garden. With a wooden decorative planter, this will look beautiful sat in pride of place in your window.




Grow these chillies direct from seed in this easy to use kit. Its the perfect solution for small space gardening. Great for adding to spicy dishes!



  • Grow your own Dwarf Demon Red Chilli

  • Specially bred dwarf variety, ideal for growing on windowsills

  • Includes everything you need to grow: chilli seeds, compost disks and planter

Product Highlights
Wooden Chilli Planter
Demon Red Chilli Seeds
Compost Enriched with Feed
Product Specification:
SKU: 32020117
Tips & Advice:
Demon Red Chilli
A compact, dwarf variety that is perfect for windowsill growing. This chilli plant produces upwards facing fruits, that are excellent for cooking to add hot and spicy flavour. 30,000-50,000 Scoville Units.
How To Enjoy
The longer you let your chillies mature, the hotter they will be. Your fresh chillies can be added straight into your favourite recipes. Any extras can be hung up using twine, or frozen, and then used at another time. The white flesh holding the seeds is the hottest part of a chilli, so remember to remove this if you prefer a milder taste.
How To Grow
1. Place the compost discs in a bowl and slowly add water. The discs will absorb the water and expand. Leave for 5 minutes, then pour away any excess water. 2. Fill plant pot with compost and firm down. Wet compost thoroughly and allow to drain. 3. Plant 3 seeds 0.5cm below soil surface in triangle pattern towards the centre of the pot. Place pot into wooden cube. 4. Cover the pot with cling film to keep humidity high. Place the cube on a warm windowsill, periodically checking compost is moist. 5. Once seedlings have germinated, remove cling film and allow seedlings to grow to approx. 2cm. Select the strongest seedlings to keep, and carefully prick out the others. 6. Remember to keep your chilli watered and compost moist. Once your plant has grown and started to produce flowers, feed with Big Tom tomato feed to boost your crop!

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