Unwins Marrow Tiger Cross F1 Seeds


Unwins Marrow Tiger Cross F1 Seeds are an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner, British-bred variety that can be harvested as courgettes or full-size marrows.




Fast to grow and matures early, this marrow also has great resistance to disease making it an easy to look after crop.



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  • F1 Hybrid variety

  • Loved by pollinators

  • Disease resistant

Product Highlights
Fast to grow and matures early
Good resistance to disease
Award-winning, British-bred variety that can be harvested as courgettes or as full-size marrows
Product Specification:
SKU: 30310807
Plant Spacing:
Plant Height:
Row Spacing:
Sowing Depth:
Sow Time To Flower:
5 months
Sow Time To Germination:
1-2 weeks
Pack Quantity:
12 seeds
Tips & Advice:
Sowing Indoors
Sow seeds individually on edge in small pots of firm, moist seed compost, 2cm deep. Place in the warmth, 15-18°C and keep moist. As seedlings develop, grow on under cool, light conditions, but not in direct sunlight.
Planting Out
Gradually accustom young plants to outdoor conditions for 2-3 weeks before planting out to their cropping positions, after risk of frost has passed. Water and feed regularly.
Sowing Outdoors
Water sowing positions, then sow two or three seeds close together in a group 2cm deep, 90cm apart. After germination, leave only the strongest seedlings in each group. Keep well watered in dry spells and feed regularly with a liquid fertiliser.
Extremely rarely, marrows may produce very bitter fruit that cause stomach upset. This can be tested by licking the cut surface of one fruit per plant; bitter fruit should not be eaten.

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