Unwins Beetroot Detroit 2 Seeds


Unwins Beetroot Detroit 2 Seeds are a traditional favourite with gardeners. Yielding tasty, colourful roots over a long period, this is a brilliant choice for gardeners looking for a reliable beetroot to grow.




This quick to grow variety produces a high yield of beets with smooth, rich red skins.




These tasty, colourful roots can be harvested over a long period and are delicious in salads, or roasted or pickled.



  • Reliable performer

Quick To Grow
Quick to Grow
Product Highlights
Smooth, rich red skins
Tasty, colourful roots over a long period
Product Specification:
SKU: 30310604
Plant Spacing:
Plant Height:
Row Spacing:
Sowing Depth:
Sow Time To Flower:
3 months
Sow Time To Germination:
1-2 weeks
Pack Quantity:
250 seeds
Tips & Advice:
Sowing Outdoors
Sow seeds thinly, direct into the required harvest position, 2.5cm deep. When large enough to handle, thin out to 10cm apart. Keep soil moist at all times to prevent roots becoming dry and woody.
Use thinnings in baby leaf salads. Use fleece to protect crop from frost or cold wind. Beetroot can be lifted and stored in sand; ensure they are kept frost-free.

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