How to Grow Easy Wildflowers

How to Grow Easy Wildflowers


Wildflowers are flowers that were originally found growing wild in nature, often is meadows. They not only look stunning, but are also highly beneficial to the environment too. 


Creating a wildflower meadow or area in your garden will make it feel more natural and relaxed, full of beautiful flowers that burst into colour throughout the summer. You are also providing pollen and food to insects and birds, which in turn benefits the world we live in. 


Great for the Environment


Bees, butterflies, moths, wasps and many other insects are pollinators and wildflowers provide them with a vital source of food, as well as a home. Flowers and crops we grow rely on these insects to pollinate their flowers, allowing us to harvest delicious crops and enjoy lots of different flowers in our gardens. You couldn’t have fruits or veggies without pollination, so planting wildflowers in the garden, even amongst your edibles, is a great way to ensure a good harvest. These native plants will also attract other beneficial insects that can help fend off unwanted bugs that might feed on your crops before you get to harvest them!

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What type of wildflowers should i grow?

Wildflowers create an impactful display of colours and we have a range of wildflower mixes suited for any gardener and garden. 



Nature's Haven Easy Wildflower Mix


Nature's Haven Easy Wildflower Mix is a blend of wildflower seeds and seed sowing granules to bring both colour and wildlife to your garden. The mix contains many different hand picked native wild flowers including: Corncockle, Blue Flax, Cornflower, Pot Marigold, Chamomile, Borage, Poppy and Viper’s Burgloss.

Simply scatter, water and watch the beauty unfold.

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Nature's Haven Easy Wildflowers Shady Mix


If you have shady areas in your garden but want to bring it to life with colourful blooms and wildlife, then Nature's Haven Shady Mix is perfect for you. 


This mix combines flower seeds and seed sowing granules that have been hand picked especially for shady areas. The mix includes Cornflower, Common Poppy, Fox Glove plus many more and, as these flowers are high in nectar, they will attract a mix of bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to your garden. 




Nature's Haven Easy Wildflowers Tasty For Birds


Turn your garden into a wildflower and wildlife haven with Nature's Haven Tasty For Birds Mix

If you enjoy watching garden birds then choose Easy Wildflowers Tasty For Birds. This mix contains wildflower seeds and seed sowing granules that are perfect for birds. Birds will get all the nutrients they need from these beneficial flowers and seeds as well as providing them with nesting material too.  

The mix includes Corncockle, Sunflower, Nigella and many more that will also attract all the other beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies to really bring your garden to life. 

Sowing this wildflower mix is sure to bring more birds to your garden, so ensure they are well-fed after the flowers have died back by feeding with Peckish Bird Food.




Nature's Haven Green Manure Mix


If you're growing veggies in your garden, then Nature's Haven Green Manure Mix will really give your veg patch a boost. This mix of wildflower seeds and seed sowing granules will help you to grow better vegetables and will also help to prevent weeds. They will add nutrients to the soil and help improve the structure to give better drainage or water retention. 

Sow this wildflower seed mix in the autumn and overwinter to keep bare soil covered and weed free in early spring. Once they reach 30cm, cut down and dig in, allowing the green matter to break down for several weeks before replanting with vegetables or flowers for the new season. This will add plenty of beneficial organic matter and nutrients into the soil that will help you grow a bumper harvest of crops!

These fast growing flowers include Borage, Phacelia and Red Glover and will also provide a good source of pollen and nectar for bees and insects. 





When and How to Grow? 

Nature's Haven Wildflower Mixes are really easy to grow. 

Make sure the soil area is free from large rocks and stones, dig it over and level out with a rake so there is a fine tilth (smooth surface). Also make sure it isn't too dry. 

Simply shake the box well and sow in a criss-cross pattern to make sure you get an even coverage. Firm the seeds down onto the soil and gently water.

Aim to sow your wildflower seeds when the soil temperature is between 10-18°C.  Water regularly but gently to avoid washing away the seeds.